ArtinPalace, a virtual art center

ARTINPALACE offers a functional and personalized space to exhibit works of art, present books, organize conferences, make known their quality artisan and gastronomic products on a global scale: a real headquarters for the arts where a network of relationships and business is created that has the potential for exponential growth. The Palazzo is aimed at two segments of users: on the one hand, artists and artisans (with particular attention to young people), galleries, creatives, curators, critics, art historians and associations operating in artistic field and who will find here an online venue through which to promote their works thanks to the e-learning platforms and the store; on the other hand, buyers and users, who will be able to take advantage of the services made available by the former (on-line exhibitions, courses and workshops on art and art history, e-commerce). A careful and widespread dissemination on social networks, operated by personnel specialized in communication, will contribute to the enlargement of the audience of users of an articulated and varied 'cultural' message in the broadest sense, as the contemporary world requires.

The most current technologies have allowed us to achieve reconstructions of exhibition spaces and 360 ° navigations of remarkable graphic quality and easy access.

Art In Palace is also much more

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Competitions - aimed at designers, photographers, painters ... - will take place online with the sending of the material to be selected and rewarded via the web. There will be prizes for the first three classified and for the winner a one month exhibition in a our ARTINPALACE. The jury will be divided into two sections: a popular jury and a jury of experts.
Aimed at a wide audience, they will offer insights into issues related to the world of art. Art historians, critics and curators, gallery owners, restorers, market experts will be involved.
Initiatives related to the world of creativity at a young age.
For artists who want a personalized exhibition with specially designed graphic and textual interventions. The exhibition, if requested, includes targeted interventions by critics and art historians.
Some rooms within ARTPALACE may be managed by Curators to set up personal or collective exhibitions of artists from various disciplines.
Aimed at companies that want to advertise their quality products in a personalized way. Spaces with elegant furnishings, particularly suitable for meetings, conferences, book presentations.